The Most Rewatchable Shows Of The Last 10 Years

People have had extra time on their hands over the past year . . . and some are bored enough to start RE-WATCHING stuff they've already seen.

(Are there any recent shows you've watched that you're already itching to jump back into? And what kinds of stuff would you NEVER re-watch?)

And we're not talking about revisiting CLASSIC movies and shows from our childhood . . . it's recent stuff, like"Game of Thrones"and"New Girl"(Which seems a little crazy, but to each their own.)

Someone even graded these shows on their "rewatchabilty," and while it seems easier to revisit one-off episodes of sitcoms than to dive back into hour-long serial dramas, which went on for years . . . that isn't the WHOLE story.

NOW, first off I don't think it's as crazy to re-watch stuff.....I do it all the time.....The Office, Entourage, Friday Night Lights, Pawn Stars (you can actually learn a lot watching that show. LOL)

That said, this list actually offends me, I mean not really really but within the reality of my love of TV, yes, The Office is below Veep, Fleabag and Schitt's Creek!? REALLY? I'm sorry, which show singlehandedly propped up Netflix for awhile? Which show had like a 9% of all viewing on Netflix at one point!? Was it Schitt's Creek? I'm not saying SC can't be loved. Not saying it's not great, but we're talking about one of the greatest shows of all time in The Office. We're talking about a show that's every bit as legendary as Cheers or MASH or Seinfeld. Time will tell if Schitt's Creek is in that air.....I'm not even mentioning Veep or Fleabag, they have a ways to go to even be considered.

With that, here's the list that BroBible came up with.....maybe I should've just noted that this was from BROBIBLE and not let it get me so worked up.

By the way, one of my very favorite shows of all time, 24. Does NOT hold up. I tried to re-watch that and it's just a bit too cheesy. Jack Bauer's hair highlights in season one are bordering on offensive. But man was that a great show when it was released.

OKAY.....deep breaths Paul, deep breaths.

Here's what they came up with:

1. "Super Super Rewatchable," which they graded "Level 5" shows: "Veep","Fleabag", and"Schitt's Creek"

2. "Very Rewatchable," or "Level 4" shows: "New Girl","Breaking Bad","The Office","Parks and Recreation", and"Friday Night Lights"

3. "Moderately Engaging," or "Level 3" rewatchabilty: "Mad Men","The Good Place","The Americans","Community","Boardwalk Empire", and"Justified"

4. "Hit or Miss," or "Level 2" rewatchabilty: "Game of Thrones"

5. They also had a category for "Wasting Everyone's Time," or "Level 1" . . . but they didn't list anything for it. So maybe they didn't even bother with stuff that could be a complete waste.


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