Community Of Warroad, MN Creates 2 Mile Skating Path

Minnesota Check!

Warroad is a Minnesota town of 1,881 is located only 6 miles south from the border with Canada.

In December 2020, a few Warroad families decided to connect their homemade skating rinks together by following the natural bend of the river, and once it was completed, they thought, "Why not just continue the path and loop more rinks in?" Thus, the Riverbend Skate Path was born.

The path, which sees around 300-400 skaters a day, allows for safe winter fun such as pulling sleds, practicing puck handling, make-shift curling games, broomball, as well allowing residents to truly enjoy the outdoors in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.....and, well, rivers

The Riverbend Skate Path spans 2.26 miles and below are some fun facts to compare the scale of this project:

  • The 2.26 miles of the path is longer than the distance across the city of Warroad!
  • You could place more than 59 standard ice rinks end to end and still not reach the length of the path.
  • You would have to skate nearly 25 laps on a standard ice rink to travel the same distance.
  • Seven river rinks are connected on this path.

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