National Geographic Says The Electric Car Movement May Be Here

I'm a huge fan of this. I 100% believe in electric vehicles in every facet. They're cleaner for the environment, early results show they are cheaper to buy and own and they'll a helluva lotta fun to drive. I think the EV movement is the most exciting development in the auto industry since, perhaps, the muscle cars of the 60's.

Many states and countries are beginning to implement incentives not only buying electric vehicles but also for turning in combustion vehicles.

There is still a TON to do, but I've also read a lot about increasing and building infrastructure for charging stations and etc. Again, I think it's all very exciting.

This story from NatGeo is fantastic. Gives perspective on where we're at and where we might be going.

These are all EV's that are either available NOW or coming in 2021.....

First and foremost, is Tesla's industry smasher the Model Y. Tesla is definitely my favorite of all EV's

Then there's the Volkswagen ID.4 which is coming soon. We actually have one reserved. I know, I know. You're thinking, hey Paul, you JUST said Tesla is your favorite. BUT the VW would be for my wifey. She chooses her own vehicles. Because I'm a car geek, I offer my opinion but ultimately it's up to her and I'm totally okay with it as I've driven VW since 2007. She likes that the VW is a bit more "like a car" she's familiar with. Where as the Tesla is a complete reimagining of what an auto is.

Another one of the traditional car companies I'm a big fan of is, Ford. They recently announced this beast. The Mach-E. I'm anxious to get to drive one in March. I believe you can order these now. They're arriving later in 2021.

To me, the biggest "symbol" of this movement is the GMC Hummer. Yeah, they're releasing an electric Hummer. The vehicle that used to go hand in hand with "gas guzzler". If this isn't a sign of what's to come, I'm not sure what is.

And there are TONS more EV's out there or coming. The Audi e-tron is awesome. Jaguar iPace. Kia, Hyundai each have an entire fleet coming. Mercedes, BMW and a boat load more are all in on this. In fact, Volvo has pledged they'll stop making combustion engine vehicles very soon, I believe by 2025, but I don't remember exactly.

Start educating and embracing this because it is happening and it's going to be a TON of fun.

If you have questions or concerns about EV's, as you can tell I'm passionate, hit me up. DM on social media or email me

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