Why Dads Are So Attractive When They're Parenting

There are some things in life that people have always thought were “myths” or just “things that happen” with no real reason behind them. As we become more evolved and more research is done, we come to see that there may be some science and logic behind why we think the way we do. One of these topics is why men are much more attractive when we watch them parent their children.

This is not something that just happens at home between a mom and dad either, this can be seen out in public when women see a father at the playground, affectionately playing with his daughter on the swings.

It turns out that there may be some very valid reasons as to why this is, and a lot of it comes down to science. A chemical reaction happens in our brains that makes us more attracted to men when we see them with their children.

The Science

When it comes to biology and what is going on in our minds and bodies, there is a lot to unpack. The human body and mind are so complex that we are still learning more every day. According toToday’s Parent, there is a chemical change in a woman’s body when she watches a father interact with his child. Oxytocinis known as the “love hormone,” and this is what happens when a mother first meets her baby. She gets a rush of oxytocin and it causes a feel-good reaction. Researchers have found that this same spike occurs in a woman’s brain when she watches her partner interact with their child.

A New Face Of Masculinity

Society is slowly changing what it means to be “masculine,” and this can be incredibly attractive to women. According to Fatherly, when a father interacts with his children, he is seen as nurturing. Nurturing is not a quality that would be assigned normally to masculinity, but when fathers show this, they are showing their sensitive side which women can relate to on another biological level.

It’s A Reflection On How He Feels About You

When we are speaking about a wife and husband who are parenting and the attraction that comes with it, it is likely because it reminds you that he loves you, too. According to Romper, when a father parents his child and changes their diaper, gives them a bath or reads them their favorite bedtime story, it shows that they care. It shows that they care about their child and this must mean that they care about you as well. It is indirectly telling mom that she is loved as well.

Reminds Us Of What We Look For

When we think back to when we were younger and looking for a relationship, there were always certain qualities that we were looking for. A lot of women want a man who has a great sense of humor, and dads constantly remind us of this. When we see a dad having a tea party with his daughter, sitting on a small chair with his fingernails painted, we are reminded about his silly and goofy side and it can help us remember why we fell in love with him in the first place.


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