Woman Found '1F' Written In Snow & Is Terrified Learning What It Means

It's not easy to live by yourself. The weight of keeping your place clean, preparing all your meals, and paying rent or mortgage is all on your shoulders, but those aren't the only burdens. When you are alone, you might not always feel safe, and after finding a creepy message outside her home, one woman who lives by herself lost all sense of security.

Her name is Jade and her story played out on TikTok. It began when she posted a video explaining how she just went outside to take out her trash and on the trashcan she noticed someone had written "1F" in the snow. Finding the message strange and having no idea what it meant, she asked her followers if they had any insight into its meaning.

***WARNING: There is profanity on and in the video***

The responses terrifiedJade, with many of them warning her to be very careful. One commenter explained, "It means one female. They are telling the people who are supposed to rob you or whatever that you live alone." Another stated, "Means you're being watched! Be careful." A Canadian chimed in, "Here in Ontario, Canada, it means single female. It could be used for many different reasons but NONE of the reasons are something good." Someone else wrote bluntly, "You're a target babe."

When Jade said in the comments that the responses had "started to scare her," people began to give her some ideas of what to do. While one person suggested, "Put snow on that and write 2M," plenty of others urged Jade to call the police. She heeded that advice but wasn't happy with the authorities' response, which was to wipe the snow off the trashcan and tell her to stay with someone else and be careful.

Later, she thanked everyone for looking out for her and said that she is okay and that her mom was coming over to stay with her.

Jade wound up staying at her mom's place. She hasn't yet decided if she will return to her home. You can keep up to date with how she chooses to move forward by following herhere.

Photo: Getty Images

Written by: Dave Basner

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