Old Photos of Blockbuster & Hollywood Video to Miss Your Childhood To

Here's a healthy dose of nostalgia with some photos of what Blockbuster Video was like back in the day, from the Instagram account, retromemoire, which curates vintage scenes no longer familiar in modern day life.

A cornerstone of home entertainment, the video rental store was a great equalizer within the family, and now it's just a relic of the past.

Mom and Dad could get what they wanted, and if you were good, maybe they'd spring for the 2 day new release rental you had your eye on, or maybe even that R rated movie you hadn't been allowed to see in theaters, but now away from the judgmental neighborhood eyes, they would allow it.

A Friday after school event that I still miss dearly to this day in the age of streaming. Be sure to scroll through and let the nostalgia wash over you.

And you can't forget about Hollywood Video when it comes honoring media past. The fact that these stores don't exist out of the fact that we no longer need them, is something I'm still trying to get over.

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