Stepmom Took $8K From Stepson's Wedding Fund To Buy Her Bio-Son Motorcycle

Weddings are expensive. For couples who wish to invite their whole circle of friends and family, the price tag means planning and saving need to be prioritized. For some couples, parents can pitch in, and it can be really helpful and relieve a large burden on couples who are hoping to start their lives together on the right foot.

One dad was thrilled to save some money and put it aside for his son, who was engaged. It would help the couple have the wedding of their dreams, until stepmom messed it all up.

The frustrated dad took to Reddit to get advice on how to go about dealing with the aftermath.

Posting in Reddit's AITA community, the original poster shared the back story on his situation, his son's engagement, and then what happened. "I Have been with my wife for over 6 years. I have a 17 year old stepson and a biological 22 year old son," he explained.

"The family had ups and down just like any other family. My son is getting married in Feb. I have put some money aside to help him out as a gift from me for his wedding. I've already talked to him about it and he and his fiancèe said they appreciate it very much," OP continued.

To him, his son deserves the money "because before his mom died he took over her care and spent nights at the hospital with her. He cried many many times because his mother's death broke him. I'm glad he found happiness again."


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