How You Hold Hands With Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality

Fingers entangled, walking hand-in-hand is undeniably, one of the best feelings in the world, when you are in love. This small gesture can give you butterflies in your stomach, all the while telling a lot about your personality. Many people don’t realize this but, how you hold hands with your partner, tells us a lot about your personality. We have listed them down, so you know which category you belong to!

Down-facing palm

Holding hands this way means that your bond is more of an affectionate one, instead of a passionate one. While there isn’t much difference between the two, this position means that one of you is slightly more decisive than the other. The palm facing downward shows a stronger hold and personality.

Interlaced fingers

This position means that your relationship is based on passion and a very strong bond exists between you both. Both of you interlock fingers with each other firmly, as a sign of passionate love. You wouldn’t like to let go of each other’s hold easily.

Pinky-promise hold

This hold symbolizes personal space and independence. This means that you respect each other’s space and privacy, without spacing out from the relationship too much. Couples also hold their hands in this position when they feel that they might be heading towards splitsville.


SO, do you put any stock in this stuff? I'm not sure I do. Sometimes my wife and I interlock our fingers, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we lock arms. Sometimes we don't hold hands at all. Our go-to is our own little custom hand hold. I don't think this means our relationship is in flux or danger or better than ever. It's just how we held hands that day.

Your thoughts?

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