Thrillist Releases It's Best TV Shows Of 2020

My favorite picks of 2020 would have to be:

Ted latest obsession, I came late to this party and boy oh boy it has NOT disappointed. Such an earnest, funny, kind, sincere show.

Better Caul Saul



Succession.....this is the one that is NOT on their list. Although, I don't think there were episodes in 2020, it's still current enough and should be listed. It's dark, evil, pretty much no redeemable qualities to ANY of the characters, but it still works. It's brilliantly written and acted. Sinister big business media family. Must watch.

I HAVE to get to season 2 of The Boys, The Plot Against America, Ramy, The Queens Gambit, The Crown, Billions, and possibly ZeroZeroZero.



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