MnDOT Has Asked Us To Name Their Plow Trucks

MnDOT is asking us to name their snow plow trucks......I've taken a shot with a few, here are mine:

Baby Snowda

Zipper Push

The Mandsnowlorian

Cold Dish

Ronnie Roadclear

(Hey....did my best. Came up with all of those in like 5 minutes, so good enough. LOL)

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is listening to Minnesotans who have requested they take Scotland's lead and start naming snowplows. 
In Scotland and parts of the United Kingdom, pun-tastic snowplow names have become extremely popular. Now it's Minnesota's turn to try and compete with the names they've come up with overseas, which include: 
Spready Mercury
Snowbegone Kenobi
Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
Ready Spready Go
David Plowie
Roger Spreaderer


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