Ellen Features Nurses From MN Hospital But Gets City Wrong

NOW, you may watch this and think......really? Who cares about getting the city slightly wrong.....the thought that counts.....honoring them is what counts. I completely agree with that.

HOWEVER, when you're featuring, paying tribute or respect, AND it's your profession.....it's on YOU to get the information correct. It just is.

Nothing Ellen needs to be pitchforked on social media for, but still get it right.

A group on the frontlines of Minnesota's COVID-19 pandemic got a special shoutout this past week, courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres.

On Friday's episode of her talk show, the comedian featured nurses from Regions Hospital as part of her "12 Days of Giveaways" segment, which seeks to honor "heroes from around the country."

With help from "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston, DeGeneres announced the nurses would be receiving $250 gift cards for Fini Shoes, a Black-owned New York business that allows buyers to customize their kicks. 


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