Our Local Live Music Venues Need Our Help

I can't imagine anyone wants to lose our local live entertainment venues.....right!?

Imagine, for a moment, First Ave. closed and gone, for good.

The Armory, gone. Hennepin Theaters, gone. Etc etc.

Here is a plea from a local member of NIVA (National Independent Venue Association)........please read and consider sharing

Hi, I've been volunteering for NIVA (National Independent Venue Association) to help save the independent venues and promoters nationally, but especially at home in Minnesota. I know you love First Avenue, Hennepin Theatre Trust, Dakota Jazz Club, Sue McLean & Associates, The Armory, The Garage, The Cedar, Turf Club, The Fitz, Rose Presents, and so many more. For them to survive, I have a favor to ask of you and your brands please:
The MN Legislature is meeting now to formalize an aid package for local businesses and we need as many people as possible to tweet with the hashtags #MNLeg and #SaveMNStages to ensure that music and events are included in the aid package. The legislature monitors the #MN Leg hashtag on Twitter so this is a real opportunity for social media to make a difference and help save the Minnesota music scene. 
Can you please hop on your Twitter accounts (brands and personal) today/this weekend and post something similar to this post by First Ave:
Suggested copy:
MN lawmakers are working on new aid to help local businesses survive! Help #SaveMNStages by sharing a pic or memory of the last show you saw and tag #MNLeg & #SaveMNStages. Please share so our legislators know we need their help NOW!
Feel free to use the attached image provided by First Ave, or we'd LOVE for you to post an image of the last concert you attended/performed/promoted. Please share far and wide and just make sure to use BOTH hashtags #MNLeg and #SaveMNStages
Thank you in advance! Happy holidays,
Anna Barberio Green

Here is a pic from my last show, Delta Rae at the Fine Line

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