NOT A Typo - A "Tickle Bar" Is Opening In Dallas

There's a "tickle bar" opening in Dallas . . . you pay $40 or more to go there and have someone tickle you. And they'll tickle your hair, your back, or both. No, this isn't a front for prostitution.

I mean, I'm not sure this is the business I'D open during a pandemic . . . or, you know, any other time either . . . but hey, different dreams for different folks.

There's a woman named Kimberly Haley-Coleman in Dallas. And she's opening the doors to her new business on Monday . . . called The Tickle Bar.

And that name is really accurate. You literally go to this place and pay to be tickled.

Because of the pandemic, it'll be by appointment only. You show up, get a glass of wine, and then you're escorted into one of the five Moroccan-style tickle tents. You can go shirt on or off.

From there, you pick the tickling style you want: Hair play, back tickles, or both. And you can pay for 25 to 50 minutes. It costs $40 for the shorter session, and $60 for the longer one.

Somehow, this is legit and NOT the front for prostitution that it 1,000,000% sounds like. I wish them all the best. 

(Dallas Observer)

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