Terrifying Crash & Explosion At Formula 1 Race

I watch Formula 1 racing.....I LOVE F1, so I was watching this live. I have to say it was absolutely terrifying, but what exceeded the frightening nature of the crash was the fact that Romain Grosjean jumped out of the flames and walked away from this 140 MPH crash with only minor injuries. His car was split in 2 and exploded. And, make no mistake, the explosion was RIGHT WHERE HE SITS.

This first video probably best describes the speed and violent nature of the crash......just wow

In this second video, keep your eye on the bottom of the screen. You'll see the 2 cars at the end of the pack, the car on the left is Romain Grosjean, he quickly veers right and then.....disaster

This is perhaps the most telling video......you see the flames, you see half the car and then you see the emergency Doctors at the wreck within seconds. Amazing.

And THIS.....is the BEST video of them all....

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