Walmart Will Deliver A Live Tree To You & Hang Your Holiday Lights

Walmart is here to make the holiday season easier. This week, the retailer announced two new services to help customers prep for the greatest (yet often the most hectic) time of year without even having to leave the couch.

Walmart will now deliver live Christmas trees right to your doorstep for free.Yes, that's right—a live Fraser Fir brought to you without the hassle of having to tie it to your car's roof. But besides delivering classic holiday trees, Walmart is also offering free delivery on all almost all other holiday plants as well. Think: poinsettiasAmaryllis, the Norfolk Island Pines, and more. Who knew Walmart had such a green thumb?

To access this option, you can head here to hand pick your tree and/or festive shrub. You'll be able to select the tree’s exact height, with options ranging from 3 ft. to 9 ft. You can choose whether the tree is fresh-cut or potted.


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