Apparently Some Minnesotans Are Ignoring Pleas To Take COVID Seriously

While some are dying in hospital beds, kids are coming home from school while their parents still have to work full time, some are......just out partying without a care in the world.

Literally without a care in the world.....and mostly without a care for other people. As long as there are IDIOTS like's going to be VERY difficult to get this thing under control.

I'm embarrassed for the people that arranged this bus and I'm embarrassed for the company that would provide the service.

#1 rule OF THE WORLD is "don't be an A-hole"........well.......I'll rescind calling them a-holes, if anyone can give me a logical explanation for why this is okay. BUT there isn't one, not one I'll except, therefore I stand by calling them that. Shame on you clowns. Go have a beer at home and quite being a selfish, ignorant, drain on society

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