What's Something That's Totally Legal But Makes You Look Like A Psychopath?

Just because something's LEGAL doesn't mean it's socially acceptable.

Right now, people on Reddit are sharing answers to the question: What's something that's totally legal but makes you look like a psychopath? Here are some of the top responses . . .

1. "There's a guy in my town that has a portable karaoke machine and casually walks around singing to himself and dancing."

2. "[Laughing] when nobody else does while watching a movie in a theater."

3. "Staring at someone with direct eye contact and not saying anything."

4. "Drinking straight coffee creamer."

5. "Walking around drinking a glass of water from home."

6. "Asking someone, 'Which way is the forest?' and then walking in the complete opposite direction."

7. "Getting in an elevator but not turning around to face the doors."

8. "Walking up to a stranger, saying a random date, then walking away." 


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