Walz To Announce New COVID Restrictions At Tues. Press Conference

Most of these measures are impacting the rest of the country also. It's not just us.

It sucks, but probably HAS to happen if we ever want to get through this. Would definitely help if messages from leadership weren't so conflicting, would also help if everyone took this seriously.

Gov. Tim Walz is expected to announce new restrictions in response to Minnesota's spiraling COVID-19 crisis at a Tuesday press conference.
Walz's office has announced he will speak at 2 p.m., which comes after a period of weeks in which Minnesota's COVID-19 situation has escalated dangerously to the point that thousands of new cases are being reported every day, deaths are rising, and the state's hospitals are nearing capacity.
While Walz and state health officials have previously played down the notion of a return to the blanket "Stay at Home" lockdown seen in the spring, Walz did say Monday that he was planning more "surgical" mitigation strategies aimed at limiting spread of the virus.


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