Here Are The Strangest Names At Least 5 Parents Used For Babies Last Year

It must be disappointing when you name your kid something REALLY strange because you want them to have a totally unique name . . . then you find out it's not QUITE unique enough.

OR maybe just take the naming game more seriously. These aren't unique. They're just dumb. IMO. Although, Iceland is kinda cool in a strange way.

Here are some of the most unusual names that parents picked for babies last year, according to the Social Security Administration. All of these names went to more than FIVE babies, but fewer than 10. Some highlights . . .

1. Cinderella.

2. Mama.

3. Dairy.

4. Iceland.

5. Macgyver.

6. Atilla.

7. Infantboy.

8. Rambo.

9. Princecharles.

10. Subaru. 

(Huffington Post

(Here's alistwith 120 more.)

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