5 Ridiculous Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Jupiter is the oldest planet in the Solar System.

2. E is the most common letter in English, followed by A, R, I, and O. And Q is the LEAST common, followed by J, Z, X, and V.

3. There's no difference between Slurpees and Icees. They're both made by the Icee Company . . . 7-Eleven just has a licensing deal to call them Slurpees.

WHAT?!?!?! This realization changes everything

4. Paul Reveredidn't yell "The British are coming" . . . because the Americans at the time still considered themselves British. He probably used the most common term for British soldiers, "regulars."

5. Tweety Bird was created three years before Sylvester. Tweety debuted in 1942, and Sylvester debuted in 1945.

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