If you are burned out at work, you are not alone

From Cicison/PRN:

Drowning in work and feeling drained? Many professionals are, new research from global staffing firm Robert Half shows. More than one-third of workers surveyed (34%) said they are more burned out on the job today compared to a year ago. Of those respondents, 30% pointed to having a fuller plate at work as the top reason for rising levels of fatigue. Another 45% of professionals noted they are as burned out now as they were 12 months ago, and 21% reported a drop in burnout.

Additional Findings:

  • Among the 28 U.S. cities in the survey,Indianapolis(46%),Dallas and Raleigh(43% each) have the highest percentages of workers who noted increased burnout from a year ago.
  • Women (38%) were more likely than men (30%) to report a rise in burnout.
  • Nearly an equal percentage of respondents with children in their household (35%) and those without (33%) said they are more worn out from work today versus 12 months ago.
  • More employees ages 25 to 40 (37%) than those ages 41 to 54 (32%) and 55 and older (29%) said they are experiencing a higher degree of burnout.

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