ELLEN: Former Producer Speaks Out Against 'Toxic Host': 'She Is Who She Is'

Man, I don't know about you but I'm shocked about these recent allegations about The Ellen Show. I've some say they aren't surprised, but I sure am.

Ellen and that show seemed like the pillar of what is right, kind, inclusive, etc.

NOW, in fairness, this is a FORMER employee. Who knows this persons motives, but IF what is said is accurate......WOW. Just wow.

As more people continue to speak out against Ellen DeGeneres and her staff, one former producer has chosen to go on the record about her experience, becoming the first to do so.
Hedda Muskat joinedThe Ellen DeGeneres Showin 2003 when the series was still in development. She toldThe Wrapin a story published on Monday, August 3, that she noticed a “culture of fear” from the very beginning.
“I had never seen this before,”the Daytime Emmy Award winner, who previously worked onThe Howie Mandel ShowandThe Martin Short Show, told the website.“I had never been around a toxic host.”
Muskat claimed executive producer Ed Glavin also contributed to the negativity in the office, recalling one incident where he allegedly screamed at a crew member during a staff meeting.
“He just went off on them,” she said. “His whole face turned red. … We were stunned.”


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