Couple Falls Into River During Wedding Photoshoot

A bride and groom accidentally took a dip on their big day, plunging into a river in full wedding attire while having their photos taken.

Lora Wendorf, 35, and her new husband Jordan Devries, 35, were posing for wedding pictures on a dock when they decided to attempt a bold dance move. The couple, from Vancouver, tried to recreate a romantic dance move Lora had seen onDancing With The Stars but things went wrong and they tumbled into the river together. When Lora emerged, she jokily blamed the fall on her new husband, who had fallen into the water with her.

Social worker Lora wrung out her soaked wedding dress and sneaked into the bathroom, hiding from her guests. She admitted she almost cried looking at her waterlogged dress and ruined hair and makeup. But Lora didn’t let it get her down and took a shot, changed her outfit, and enjoyed the rest of her wedding.

While Lora took a shot of rum, a torrential downpour started outside. She added: ‘I just looked at my husband and said “well, I guess we’ll go meet the guests soaking wet”.

Lora and Jordan, a scaffolder, even used the pictures of the ultimate wedding fail in their thank you cards to guests.


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