Upcoming Maroon 5 Doc Going To Show "How Unique They Are"

Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin is a pal of Maroon 5's Adam Levine, and directed the videos for the band's hits "Sugar," "Memories," and "Girls Like You." Now, Dobkin tells ABC Audio that he's been working on a Maroon 5 documentary for the past few years as well.

As Dobkin notes, he was initially reluctant to take on the job -- he thought the group was too "young" to be the subject of a documentary -- until he was persuaded otherwise by Adam and the group's late manager, Jordan Feldstein.

Dobkin's been shooting on and off for a while now. "That's been really fun and really exciting," he says. "And at some point, hopefully in the next year, that will be completed and come out as well."


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