MN Restaurant Owner Calls Out Rude Guests

A Twin Cities restaurant owner might go back to banning dine-in service due to a surge in customers being rude to staff during what were already very difficult work conditions because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Francine Weber, owner of Milton's Vittles, Vino and Beer at 3545 Douglas Dr. N. in Crystal, took to Facebook Live Tuesday after another night of dealing with inappropriate guest behavior.

"People have been not very nice coming in," Weber said. "We've got customers coming in, sitting inside, walking around and not really taking into consideration the whole COVID thing. It's really kind of upsetting me ... and people just being mean."

"It's happening so much. I don't know what's going on," she added. "I'm just going to flat out tell you, if you can't check yourself when you go out anywhere, be nice to people these days, then maybe you need to think about staying home." 


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