#1POGN - St. Louis Park "Galaxy Drive-In" ReOpens

I suppose right now makes as much sense as any to open a drive-in restaurant. I for one am VERY excited this place has opened up again.......excited enough that I made it today's "One Piece Of Good News".

A little known fact, I grew up (my early days anyway) in St. Louis Park (before moving to Maple Grove). After we moved away and I'd go back to visit my friends back in SLP, we'd always go there on our bikes. Can't wait to bring our girls there and try out the new fare.

The Galaxy Drive-In in St. Louis Park reopened Monday asClays Galaxy Drive-In.
The restaurant has been closed since 2015. The owner, Steve Schussler, had beenwaiting for the right momentto bring it back. 
The middle of a pandemic might not seem like the perfect time to open a restaurant seeing asso many are closing, but drive-in restaurants have proven to be quite popular in recent months, especially before restaurants reopened to dine-in customers. 


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