"Live" Concerts Starting at Drive-Ins. Are you in?

Garth Brooks is the first to test a new way of performing live. Brooks is doing a live concert on June 27th that'll be shown on 300 drive-ins across North America. To be clear, he's NOT performing at the drive-ins. You're in your car watching it on the screen, at $100 per vehicle. 

The venues will follow all the local CDC guidelines. Staff will be wearing personal protective equipment . . . vehicles will be parked six feet away from each other . . . and there will be limited capacity in restrooms. The show will go on, rain or shine.

He says, quote, "This drive-in concert allows us all to get back to playing live music without the uncertainty of what would be the result to us as a community. This is old school, new school, and perfect for the time we are in." 

So would you head to a drive-in to see your favorite artist for something like $100 per vehicle?

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