Step-by-Step Guide To Throwing A Virtual Baby Shower

While we’re all practicing social distancing to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), parties and large gatherings have come to a halt per CDC recommendations. Among these are often baby showers, a party that’s usually designated for friends and family to come together and celebrate expecting parents or mamas-to-be. Many times, these get-togethers include guests bringing gifts for the couple, too, helping them to offset some of the costs that come with having a newborn child. But now, moms and parents are having to think of innovative ways to throw a virtual baby shower as a way to get ready to welcome a new child.

“There are plenty of advantages when it comes to holding a virtual shower,” says Evite’s celebration expert Zaria Zinn. “[For example], if you want it to be only thirty minutes long, go ahead and do just that! This is a special time in your life and the purpose of a virtual shower is to celebrate this chapter with your loved ones and feel supported, excited, and happy.”

Now more than ever, expecting mothers need to be supported. From worrying about the virus to experiencing restrictions on who is allowed in the delivery room, mothers-to-be are having to be extra cautious at this time.

That’s why we talked to Zinn—an expert in throwing virtual parties even before the coronavirus—to give us some tips for how to throw a virtual baby shower. Whether you’re a family member planning this or the mother-to-be herself, these ideas prove that you can still get the same experience (and include the same traditions!) in your baby shower, regardless of its new digital venue.


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