#1POGN - Anthony Hopkins Joins TikTok - You Will Smile

This qualifies as "One Piece Of Good News"......yes it's frivolous and silly (and pointless really), BUT sometimes.......that's JUST what ya need. I know I needed this morning, as I write this at 10:00am (my morning has been a bit rough and painful, but all will be okay). Anyway, this was much needed.

Check out Sir Anthony Hopkins on TikTok. I don't know how it doesn't make you smile.

Also, if you're scoring at home, this is about the only scenario Drake isn't SUPER annoying. At least, by my

Sir Anthony Hopkins is now the latest celebrity to join TikTok as the coronavirus pandemic — and lockdown boredom — continues to spread all over the world.
The award-winning actor launched his account Friday by posting a video of himself dancing to Drake‘s “Toosie Slide,” a choice well known both on the app and by Drake’s many fans.
Hopkins then challenged Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone to join him in the dance battle while referencing their iconic characters Terminator and Rocky Balboa respectively.


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