#1POGN - Tequila Company That Totally Gets It!

Today's One Piece Of Good News tells the inspiring story of an unbelievable 6 year old raising money, a Tequila company doing good and a website designed at getting stimulus money to those in need!

Back in 2012 or 2013, I used to post "One Piece Of Good News" weekly. Did that for a couple years, but you know, you get busy, distracted, maybe even lazy.

However, with John Krasinski starting the "Some Good News" show, I thought to myself, this sounds familiar. Certainly on a MUCH larger scale, but the spirit of my posts the exact same thing as what John is doing.

SO, instead of weekly, I intend to find one piece of good news each day to share with you from somewhere in the world. Something extraordinary or unbelievable (in a good way). Someone going out of their way. Or even something frivolous that can put a smile on our face.

Thank you, John Krasinski for being a beacon of joy and hope in a very uncertain world.

A six-year-old with spina bifidawas inspired by the World War Two vet who walked for charity. So he started walking 30 feet a day, hoping to raise about $100. And last we checked, he'd raised over 300 GRAND on JustGiving.com.

How about Jose Cuervo!?!?! This is stepping up. I don't even like Tequila.....never drink it. BUT this deserves some love.

Talk about "getting it". They get it.

Last, but not least.......

A group in North Carolina created a website this month called PledgeMyCheck.orgthat encourages people to give part of their stimulus money to charity . . . anywhere from $1 to all $1,200. In the first week alone, people pledged almost 20 grand.

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