Independent Restaurants Desperately Need Our Help - NOW

It's pretty simple. It's time to act.

Local restaurants won't reopen unless Congress takes urgent action. Millions will lose their jobs. Hundreds of thousands of businesses will close. And our favorite spots, our memories, the places where communities come together — they'll be gone forever.#SaveRestaurants

Imagine Spoon & Stable just not being there or not being able to get a burger at Red Cow.

You know how Minnesota is known for, and we LOVE to brag about, our Jucy Lucy's? Close your eyes and pretend that Matt's Bar just isn't a thing anymore.

The list goes on and on.

These are our friends. Whether we realize that or not. How many times have you told a bartender a story you maybe wouldn't tell someone else?

These are people that welcome us and serve us. It's time for us to have their backs.

Please watch and share this video anywhere you can....I don't care if you share my blog, just share the video on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I've embedded them all to make it as easy as possible.

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