Does Wearing Gloves to the Store Actually Increase Your Risk?

If you've been wearing gloves to the store, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona says they might actually do more harm than good. Here's why . . .

1. Gloves can still spread the virus, and might even be worse than bare hands. When you touch a contaminated surface with gloves, and then touch something else, you can still spread the virus. And it's possible it sticks to latex gloves BETTER than it sticks to your own skin.

2. Gloves can give you a false sense of security. So it's easy to let your guard down on washing your hands when you use them.

3. Most of us don't take gloves off correctly. And when you take them off wrong, you get the germs that were on the gloves all over yourself.

Here's the proper way to remove them . . .

Pinch one glove near the wrist and pull it over your hand, so it ends up inside out. Then hold it in your gloved hand, stick your finger inside the wrist of that glove, and pull until it's inside out and both gloves are together. Then throw them in the trash and wash your hands. The CDC website has a full breakdownon how to do it. 


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