Why you don't want to share your senior picture on Facebook

So are you one of the billions of people posting their senior picture on Facebook?

The Better Business Bureau is advising against it.

In a news release Monday, the organization warned that while it may seem like the information is just being shared with your friends, it could also be seen by "scammers or hackers who surf through social media sites." 

The BBB cited similar concerns about other recent "personal list" trends on Facebook, including posting about the make and model years of all the vehicles you've ever owned, your favorite athletes, and your top 10 favorite shows. 

The BBB also encourages users to "resist the temptation to play along" with the viral trends if they feel uncomfortable participating and review their security settings on all social media platforms "to see what you are sharing and with whom you are sharing." In addition, it encourages users who may be nervous that something they shared on social media could potentially make them more susceptible to fraud, to review and update their security settings for banking sites and other sensitive portals. 

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