There's something different about the midwest

I’ve been in Minneapolis for a bit over a year and if you’ve been with me from the beginning you know I’m originally from Wisconsin but spent some time in California and Seattle before returning to the midwest.

It’s always been apparent to me that there is something special about the midwest and ever since the coronavirus reared its ugly head, that special thing has become more and more apparent. We’re so limited in what we can do through social distancing, not to mention this little spell of cold weather but it doesn’t seem to stop people from just being nice.

In Seattle, neighbors would rarely speak to each other. Even on a nice day, you wouldn’t see people outside conversing with people around their neighborhood. You just didn’t get that. It couldn’t be any different here.

A few days after the stay at home order came down in Minnesota, a floral nursery that’s nearby, drove around dropping tulips on every doorstep in our neighborhood. On Friday, when our neighbor’s dog got loose and was wandering around the woods and fields in Plymouth and Medina, more than a dozen people stopped what they were doing and helped look for her.

Then Sunday, our neighbors dropped off extra baked goods they had from their easter feasts and we returned the favor.

There’s just something comforting about the midwest and we’re glad to be back.

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