Sylvester Stallone & Fam Dressed Up As Tiger King Cast

Imagine the closets full of stuff to have all this without going least assume they didn't go shop for their wardrobe?! The head zookeeper guy costume is pretty spot on.

Solid representation here.

While quarantining at home, Sylvester Stallone, his wife and daughters dressed up as the now-iconic subjects of “Tiger King,” Netflix’s hit documentary that detailed the events leading up to gun-toting tiger breeder Joe Exotic’s conviction for murder-for-hire against fellow exotic-animal owner Carole Baskin.
Sly, 73, shared pictures and videos from the family’s impromptu costume night, in which he dressed as alleged conman Jeff Lowe, daughter Sophia portrayed Joe Exotic, wife Jennifer Flavin got dolled up as Baskin, daughter Sistine dressed as Exotic’s husband John Finlay and Scarlet dressed as head zookeeper Erik Cowie


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