Son uses bucket truck to visit mom in nursing home.

Charley Adams of Ohio knew it might take some extreme measures in order to visit his mom in her nursing home during the coronavirus quarantine time.

Luckily Charley owns a Tree Preservation company in Youngstown and has a bucket truck so he lifted himself up to his mom's 3rd story room.

“Her spirits were kind of down because she’s used to being able to get out, go places and do things. And so I just had the idea that I’d bring the bucket truck over,” Adams said. “I called her, and I told her to come look out the window — and there I was.”

Charley's 80-year old mother was excited to him and his wife and dogs, who stayed on the ground during the visit.

They only chatted for about 10 minutes, but Charley said he'd be back as often as possible.

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