John Mayer Wrote A Hilarious Song About David Geffen's Yacht Pic [VIDEO]

Over the weekend, billionaire media mogul David Geffen was roasted by the Internet for posting a photo of his multi-million dollar yacht, taken by a drone, and saying he was "isolating in the Grenadines, avoiding the virus." Considering millions are out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Geffen's posting was perhaps aweebit tone-deaf. And that's where John Mayer comes in.

Mayer made fun of Geffen's post on his Instagram Live show Current Moodby dashing off a little ditty called "Drone Shot of My Yacht."

"The most offensive thing to me about this post is assuming that I know where the Grenadines are, and I don't know where the Grenadines are," said John, nothing that Geffen "took a lot of flak" for the post.

"I just had this song pop into my head," he adding, and then launched into the tune, which naturally has a yacht rock-70s pop feel.

"Drone shot of my yacht/it's all I got/I'm alone on the water," John sings. "Let me flex these specs/456 feet, six or seven decks/And I know y'all wanna stretch your necks to see what I got on it/But I don't even give a heck/'Cause I got drone shot of my yacht."

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