Daughter Turns 18, Mom Gives Her Time Capsule She Made On Her 1st

This could be a really cool project with the new downtime......and looks like there's more downtime in our future.....our youngest is 3, we could go back and put something like this together pretty easily. And the nostalgia would be wonderful.

Check out this story......

A mom's sweet gesture to her daughter is just the heartwarming story we need to see this week. Kim Chastain of Brownsburg, Indiana, hid a secret from her daughter Gracie for the last 17 years: a time capsule filled with memorabilia, gifts, jewelry, and letters from loved ones written when she was born. Now, the mom has revealed her secret to both her daughter and the internet, in effort to show that it's never too late to make magic happen for our kids.
The mom tells CafeMom that all those years ago, she wanted to make her daughter's first birthday special.
On March 10, 2003, Gracie turned 1. Although Chastain wanted to do something big for her daughter, she realistically knew that no matter what she did, "she wasn't going to remember it."


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