What Does Your Phone Screensaver Say About You?

After peeking at a friend's phone screen and seeing a picture of her cat, it got me thinking about screensavers and why people choose what they choose. Mother Nature Network published a great article explaining what different people choose. Psychiatrist Dr. Damian Sendler stated in the article that "Whatever we choose to include on the screen has to have certain meaning to us,"says Sendler. "[It shows] what we are interested in, what we believe in, or what kind of things — or people — we care about."

My home screen is a photo of my husband and I on vacation at the beach. I love it because we look happy and tan and the background is beautiful. It's a quick accessible way to show a photo of him when people inquire. I sometimes change my screensaver to a current, professional family photo.

He also said, "People who are more outgoing and adventurous are more likely to include photos that stimulate a response. A more conservative person will not include images that might be embarrassing or political. Others choose to have no pictures at all, instead choosing backgrounds that are content-neutral, artistic, or just plain. They do that because it decreases their preoccupation with the image itself and focuses attention on practical use of the phone to make calls, read emails, and so on."

See the full article from MNN here.

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