Will You Actually Unplug during National Day of Unplugging?

Since you're reading this on your computer, tablet or phone, we're guessing the answer is "No!"

This week, I've spent an average of 8 hours and 37 minutes of screen time on my phone. and that's DOWN 20% from last week!

Here are some stats about how addicted we are to our phones:

1. If you only give up one device today, your phone would probably make the biggest difference. Outside of work, 76% of people say they spend more time on their phone than any other device. Computers are next at 17%, then tablets with 7% of the vote.

2. 75% of us now spend at least three hours a day looking at our phone. Including one in eight people who spend more than TEN hours every day on it.

3. The most popular times to use your phone for an extended period are in the morning . . . at night in bed . . . on work breaks . . . and in the bathroom. (We thought "while watching TV" might make that list too.)

4. 24% of employees have secretly used their phone in a work meeting.

5. 18% of us have tripped or bumped into something while trying to walk and use our phone.

6. If you get an alert on your phone at work, what do you do? 15% of people check it immediately . . . 50% finish what they're doing, then check . . . 25% wait for a break . . . and only 4% wait until the end of the day. 

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