New York Couple Welcomes Their 2nd Leap Day Baby

A New York couple beat some long odds when their second child became the second of their kids to be born on Leap Day.

Lindsay and Dane Demchak welcomed baby Scout Demchak on Saturday, marking the second birthin their family as well as the second child to be born on Feb. 29.

The couple's first child, Omri, was born Feb. 29, 2016.

Lindsay Demchak said Scout's due date was March 4, but she went into labor during a family dinner at a Brooklyn restaurant Friday night.

"It became more serious, it wasn't a joke anymore, it's like, this is happening, I say it was the Italian food that did it," Dane Demchak told WABC-TV.

The parents said they are making plans for future birthdays.

"It's complicated, we'd do Omri's on the 28, since he's older, and Scout's on March 1. When there is a Leap Day, we will make a big thing," Lindsay Demchak said.

An expert said the couple beat odds of 1 in 2.1 million to have consecutive babies born on back-to-back Leap Days.

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