Judge Judy Signing Off After 25 Year Run on Daytime TV

After a 25 year run on daytime TV, Judge Judy is set to announce her retirement. She will appear on the Ellen Show for her big announcement. KARE11 says, "It's one of the biggest changes to daily syndicated television since Oprah Winfrey ended her talk show."

Judy must be "all set" in the financial department as she is walking away from a $47 million dollar a year salary, making her one of televisions highest paid stars.

It seems Judy has more TV in her sights with the planning of her show reportedly going to be called "Judy Justice."

My Grandmother is likely turning over in her grave with this announcement. She was likely the World's Biggest Judge Judy fan and often told me she, "took a nap before Judy everyday."

See the KARE11 full report here.

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