Mark Wahlberg's Daugher Refused To Dance W/Him At Daddy/Daughter Dance

This might be the first and only time Mark Wahlberg and I have something in common!

He took his daughter to a Daddy Daughter dance and she, apparently, refused to dance with him! Haha.

I feel you, Marky Mark. Although mine didn't refuse to dance with me, I got one and a half dances before her friends arrived and she forgot who I was. HOWEVER, my little girl did come back to me from time to time and made sure to get a few more dances with Daddy, including the sweetest dance ever to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw. SO, perhaps, in this one instance....just this one, perhaps I even better than Marky Mark! Hahahaha

Here are a couple pics from our special night. It was our first Daddy Daughter dance and a moment I'll remember forever.

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