Airline #Reclinegate Has Delta CEO Chiming In

In this specific case, how about you make the last row less uncomfortable. BUT also, this dude could've been less childish about it. Good Lord. She paid her money and her seat reclines, why can't she? (Hahaha....that said, I almost NEVER recline)

And if you haven't seen the viral video that started all of this.....please click the link below. It's a Twitter post from a passenger, I think the woman who reclined, but I'm not certain.

Reacting to a viral video that has swept the nation and sparked a conversation on airline etiquette, Delta CEO Ed Bastian has said that passengers should ask the person behind them before they recline their seat.
The video in question is below, showing a woman who had reclined her seat to the chagrin of a tall man who is sitting in the back row – whose seat does not recline, and who proceeds to softly punch the back of her seat repeatedly.


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