Adam Sandler FINALLY Won For Uncut Gems & His Speech Was Everything

I've been saying it as loud as I could for anyone who would listen........Adam Sandler deserved to be nominated for a Golden Globe AND an Oscar. Predictably, those 2 idiotic institutions did NOT nominate the Sandman.

By the way, you can hear my ranting and raving about Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems in various episodes of my movie podcast, Movies Over Easy

BUT.....back to the speech.....Adam Sandler has always done things HIS way and not cared what anyone least on the surface.....and, in fairness, it's easy to ignore what people think when you're cashing the kind of checks he is. ALL that said, I believe this really meant a lot to him and, again, I 300% believe he was absolutely deserving. I'm really happy for him.

This speech is everything.

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