Paul Fletcher's NYC Weekend In 5 Pictures

Okay, technically this is 6 pics.....and actually 7 if you count the numbers one....wanted to show the numbers because I'm amazed at the amount of steps, miles and floors we covered in 48 hours. A friend of mine said, the best way to see New York is to just walk around the city......well, we walked....and walked and walked. Actually, I miss our SUPER long walks. Got used to them. And it was just some amazing one on one time with my.....she's not my #1.....she's my "always". That's better than #1, I think.

I had been to NYC a few times, but always with an agenda.....never "seen the sights". This time, the only agenda was spending really good time together. Reminding ourselves that we're in love and husband & wife. Not JUST Mom & Dad. So, we did all the "touristy" stuff and had an amazing time.

Our hotel was a block off Times Square. Perfect location to be in the middle of least in that part of town. And we weren't shy about ridiculous selfies in front of cliche pic #1

On our last day, we had a LONG walk back to the hotel, 1.7 miles, I think. And that was after 6 miles of "walking around" and exploration. We had seen St. Patrick's Cathedral the previous evening, but it was dark. This time I was able to capture it in all of it's, day time lit, glory. Quite a structure.

The highlight of the trip, although it's hard to call it a highlight because where we want was so heavy, but the 9/11 Museum is absolutely unbelievable. Can't recommend it enough. It's incredibly extensive and it takes awhile and it hits you like a ton of bricks, but it's a must visit. Pic #3 is the escalator (and next to it staircase) those that survived used to get out of the building. The entire path to getting out was incredibly treacherous, as you'd likely assume.

I'm sure Central Park is far more gorgeous in spring and summer, but we'll take a warm-ish winter day. What an amazing place that absolutely breaths life into the city. Saw the John Lennon memorial, an Alice In Wonderland statue, the Cherry Hill Fountain (NO, it's not from Friends like so many say), I know it from Friends With Benefits with JT & Mila Kunis, we strolled past the Central Park Zoo among so many other little stops. Was breathtaking.

Perhaps THE most breathtaking moment of the trip, aside from a different type of breathtaking in visiting the 9/11 Museum, was going to "The Met". The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. I'm not much into art, I don't know a THING. BUT I am into history and there are so many one of a kind artifacts at this place, I really was blown away. AND even I can appreciate seeing Van Gogh's "Self Portrait". Not knowing a thing about anything when it comes to art, when we entered the room with Van Gogh's work, I knew it instantly. His is so distinct. Was amazed that I was able to identify his work.

Okay, I cheated. I added 2 extra pics. One is 3 sets of numbers.....our steps, miles & floors walked in our 48 hours in NYC. And the last pic is an Islanders game. Spencer too me to the Met for culture.....I took her to an Islanders home game....hahaha.....for MY kind of culture. (I grew up a North Stars fan, but for some reason, the Islanders were always my that was a thrill to get to a home game for the first time ever).

Hope you enjoy these. We had an absolute blast. Can't recommend visiting NYC enough. I realize many have and that it's not a new concept, but we just really enjoyed it. Great food. Great energy. Great people, actually. Was even, very politely, offered "coke" twice!

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