Pearl Jam Releases Experimental, Yet Really Cool, New Song

Pearl Jam has NEVER been afraid to experiment throughout their, near, 30 year career. For me, personally, it's precisely what's sustained me as a fan over the......well, decades, now. I mean, they've also released really great music, in my opinion, as well, but I like being challenged by my favorite band.

Dance Of The Clairvoyants is no exception. It sounds Duran Duran type synth's and electronic drum beats dancing around quintessential Pearl Jam guitars and a Talking Heads type delivery.

Jeff Ament says it's a "perfect storm of experimentation and real collaboration"......

All the roll out for this new single, album and tour has been very environmentally focused and this song is definitely a plea for us to wake up.

The band said the new music took awhile because they aren't going to release music just to release music, they need to have something to say and, well, now they have something to say.

They make me proud to be a fan, because they stand for something. You don't have to agree with all of it, but it's better than just releasing fluff pieces and collecting a check. We've arrived at a point where climate change isn't an opinion anymore. It's a fact. It's f'n science. I love that this band says what needs to be said and backs their talk with action as well.

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