Matt Dumba Back At Helping Out Strangers Again

Yes, I'm a hockey fan and a Minnesota Wild fan, so of course I'm going to make a point to give this attention, but I think the story says it all.

Dumba is a really good dude, I've worked with him at a few charitable events, so it makes me happy to see his giant sized heart getting some spotlight. Hopefully he keeps generating positive news cuz our world can use more of it.

A couple of weeks ago Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumbadonated more than $11,000 to an Australian wildfire relief fund, and after playing an NHL game Monday night he again stepped up with another perfect example of Minnesota Nice. 
Dumba, who logged more than 21 minutes of ice time in a crushing last-second loss for the Wild earlier that night, put on his Good Samaritan hat to help a man, woman and child whose car stalled in the middle of the road on a frigid Minnesota night. 
The heartwarming story is best told by the man who drove upon the scene, Nicholas Swanson, whose Facebook post hasmore than 450 sharesas of midday Tuesday. 


Photo courtesy of: Nick Swanson

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