Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes: January 10-12

Capricorn: You’ve been so focused on following your New Year resolutions to a T that you’ve been neglecting your messy car, messy bedroom, dirty dishes, or something material in your life that’s become chaotic. Pick up the slack, get focused, and work on self-discipline over the next couple days. Your weekend’s a 7.

Aquarius: You’ve been in a rut lately, and it’s all because you’ve gained too much control over different aspects of your life. Stop being a control freak for the weekend and add some unpredictability to your life by letting other people take the wheel. Do this, and your weekend will be a 10.

Pisces: Unlike your Aquarian friends, you’ve had way too much spontaneity in your life lately and people are beginning to get exhausted by your Big Pisces Energy. Settle down, get focused, and your weekend will be an 8.

Aries: There’s one thing you’ve been eyeing up lately and have wanted so badly for so long; this is the time to STEP UP and ask for what you want. Take a diplomatic approach and your weekend will be a 9.

Taurus: You’re experiencing an attitude shift within yourself that not everyone is going to understand. Be patient with loved ones this weekend and get ready to have open conversations. Your weekend’s a 7.

Gemini: After putting in hard work over the last week, you’re right where you need to be. Give yourself a break this weekend and trust that the Universe will deliver something amazing very soon. Your weekend’s a 10.

Cancer: The milestone you’ve been working towards for a while is finally about to arrive. Celebrate humbly this weekend and realize that, even if you get what you want, you’ll still need to continue to put in the work to hold onto your success. Don’t get TOO drunk! ;)Your weekend’s a 9.

Leo: Normally people are annoyed by your eagerness to take control, but your leadership qualities will shine through this weekend and people will trust you to take charge. You know exactly what you’re doing, so don’t waste any time getting things done. Your weekend’s an 8.

Virgo: Be ready to surprise everyone this weekend, even yourself. Your combativeness will actually get you places, and being afraid of confrontations will HURT your chances of making things happen. Unleash your inner Bad B---- and get it done. Your weekend’s a 10.

Libra: Get ready to see amazing things happen when you open your eyes and shut your big mouth this weekend. Remember that you don’t know everything – including what it is you TRULY want right now. Your weekend’s a 6.

Scorpio: Much like your Libran friends, you need to admit to yourself and others that you simply don’t know everything. You need to keep an open mind and realize the greater issue at hand that you’re dealing with over the next couple days. Your weekend’s a 3…but if you let go of your ego, it’ll be a 7.

Sagittarius: You know well that when someone says they’re not capable of doing something idiotic…they probably can’t be trusted. While this is something you live by in regards to OTHER people, take this as a reminder that this rule also applies to YOURSELF! Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, and your weekend will be an 8.

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