St. Louis Park Restaurants Will No Longer Be Giving You Straws

I love this. St. Louis Park restaurants won't be giving you a plastic straw unless you ask. Remember, also, in Minneapolis plastic & paper bags will cost you money as well.

I'm in favor of ALL this and hope it spreads. When we were in California over the summer, stopping in Santa Monica after Disneyland, we noticed this everywhere. Paper straws when you did ask and, if I remember correctly, 25 cents per bag at a Target we stopped at. It's inconvenient at first as we adjust, BUT I believe we all can adjust AND I believe it's worth it. Like I said, I hope these approaches take across the Twin Cities.

As of Wednesday, customers in St. Louis Park will have to ask for a plastic straw if they want one.
Amendments to the city’sZero Waste Packaging Ordinancewent into effect Wednesday. The ordinance requires licensed food establishments to make all single-use packaging recyclable or compostable, with a few exceptions.
In June, the city made changes to the ordinance that are now in effect. One amendment requires establishments to only provide customers plastic straws upon request.


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